After the gastroscopy, all the assessments started. Did you know 90% of Weight Loss Surgery patients have a hernia of some sort? I didn’t know I had one until after the gastroscopic procedure. I never had any symptoms at all. This will also be fixed in your surgery.

I had to visit a psychologist that did a few tests and upon the second visit, before I was cleared for surgery. They put you through all the psychological tests, because lets face it, if your mind is not right, this will never work. If emotional eating is your vice, you are going to have some serious work cut out for you. BUT, this too shall pass. You can do this, again, eyes on the prize.

You need to get the sleep study behind you as soon as possible so that they can send your results to the endocrinologist.Your endocrinology appointment is extremely important as well. Your heart and lungs must be ready for this fight. Angela Murphy is a very kind doctor that will tell you exactly like it is, and how to get yourself on track for surgery. Apparently everyone has a vitamin D deficiency, which she gave me a script for.



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