In January this year (2017), I started with the process. I was quite intimidated by the list of doctors I had to schedule, procedures I had to go through and just general time it was going to take to get to surgery. I am eternally grateful that I chose the best team in  the industry. From day one, I felt supported, had the right guidance and overall, the experience was painless on my emotions. Dr Schutte at the Sunward Park Bariatric Center of Excellence. Enough said. He has the recipe for success in the bag!

You will see a Endocrinologist, Biokineticist, Psychologist, Sleep Therapist, Dietician, have Bloodwork done, then after all the little procedures, you will see the surgeon. The reason for this is simple. Because this is a very complex procedure, that affects your whole life, for the rest of your life. You have to be in the right space mentally, you need to be well enough bodily to handle the surgery, and you need to stick to the most important of all – after care.

I went for my first gastroscopy procedure on the 2nd of February 2017. It was honestly painless, and after I woke from anesthesia, I never even felt like anything happened. The bloods they took that day was pretty prolific. I remember thinking…..are you going to be buying a house on my name with all that DNA you are extracting madam…

Its sad to think how thankful I was that my BMI was high enough to qualify for my medical aid paying. But it being 59 was a massive gamble with my life. It was a rarity that a person of my stature, 1.64m tall (or should I say short) and weighing 158kgs, didn’t suffer from a co-morbidity.



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